the Dude of Food gets blessed. 2 yolks – no jokes

Is it the year of the chicken or what?

 Don’t know what they are feeding these chickens but my luck seems to be changing in 2015.  The first egg i cracked revealed 2 yolks inside!  It happened to me at the sushi bar with a double yolked quails egg too!

Now if i can just get that kind of return when i buy beers!


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s cookbook


/               Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was not only a patron and contributor to the arts but he also wrote a cookbook. It is titled   L’art  de  la Cuisine and was published after his death by his friend Maurice Joyant. The book includes Lautrec  sketches and  interesting menu selections.  Lautrec enjoyed culture and liked to cook, drink and celebrate. He liked to dress up as a samurai or flamenco dancer at his parties and once served a Degas painting for dessert.  Lautrec  also was known to add goldfish to the water pitchers encouraging his guests to imbibe alcohol fueled concoctions instead of water.

More can be read about this fascinating character and his life at the following sites and on wikipedia.

Celebrity Kitchen LA – Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

Celebrity Kitchen 3
Celebrity Kitchen 3

Imagine that table filled with platters of various appetizers, while we sip sangria served up by kitchen mermaid Rachael Ray and enjoy the smells of BBQing meats outside blowing in through the open french doors.

In the meantime, the music plays and we wait for the Dude of Food to throw the fresh coconut crusted whitefish in the pans heating up on the grill of this kitchen in the home of some cool people.