The Dude of Food presents- Alfredo



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So when I craved pasta with alfredo sauce I just took a half pound of bacon and pan fried it. After draining the pan I added some onions and finely chopped garlic. Fresh broccoli was added and then the frozen peas. Later I added a jar of alfredo and a small container of another brand of alfredo sauce and some milk. Add a dash of salt, some pepper, some basil or mint or whatever you like and bring to a simmer.

Add penne noodles and enjoy.

Top with cheese as preferred.

Buddhist Delight Stir Fry

stir fry Easy. Quick. Delicious.

Take the bok choy, grape tomatoes, broccoli, green or white onion and other desired veggies from the fridge, wash and dice to desired size. I like the bok choy whole so I don’t bother chopping it or the tomatoes, but please  yourself.

Put some olive oil in a pan with some soy or teriyaki sauce over medium heat.

Add veggies and cover, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking and promote even heating. Cook for 10- 15 minutes depending on heat level.

When it looks ready to eat, scoop a heap on a plate over some warm rice and serve. For a lovely extra flavor, stir in drained pineapple chunks to the pan about 5 minutes before removing from heat.

Sit. Eat. Enjoy. Be happy.

Healthy dieters breakfast


Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.
Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.

This breakfast is easy and delicious. It may

not cure a hangover, but it tastes way

better than menudo. Take some of last

nights leftover salmon and reheat it in a

pan. Take some broccoli chunks and lightly

steam them. Asparagus is easy

to steam too.

Whip a couple eggs in a bowl with

a touch of milk and scramble in a

separate pan. Cut some fresh oranges and arrange.

Serve with an english muffin, coffee or another cold beer.

Note:  a side of last nights rice can accompany this dish nicely also.