L’escapade – A Fontainbleau Bistro, France


l escapade fontainbleau


  •               On May 1, 2014 I found my myself in
  •      Fontainbleau, France enjoying a holiday called May day. The only people who have to work on May day are the restaurant employees so I went to this bistro down the street from Napolean’s house called L’escapade and tried some rum from Martinique.

Staff is friendly & the food is delicious. Go here!

  • Thank you / Merci L’escapade !


  • 111 Rue Grande
  • 77300  Fontainbleau
  • tel:  01 60 70 92 94
  • www.escapade-fontainebleau.fr
  • fr-fr.facebook.com/lescapadechateau closed


Drunken Pork Loin

Rum garlic plantain pork loin.
Rum garlic pork loin.                                                             

Looking for a different way to try pork?

Try pork loin marinated in smokey rum,

molasses and garlic. I just threw this

stuff together and baked it. When it came out

of the oven, everything seemed to be good in the


Ask for details.