The Dude of Food shares Micheladas

     The first photo shows how they serve Micheladas in the streets of San Miguel de Allende.

A liter styrofoam cup filled with all the fixings of a great refreshing drink for 50 pesos.

They have this stick in them that has some red picante stuff stuck to it that you use to mix your drink.

The second photo shows the ingredients.

For best results use fresh limes and skip the bottled lime juice.

I use Red Rooster or Pete’s hot sauce and not put too much ice.


the Dude of Food recommends – Micheladas at La Cabana

fiesta cabanamicheladas








If you don’t know about this spot then you probably shouldn’t, but I have to tell you that after my last trip to Mexico I have become a big fan of the michelada.

It just so happens that they make a good one here.  Pricey but good.

The 50 year anniversary party was awesome.

The Dude now has trucks.

hot truck and kitchen
hot truck and kitchen
small kitchen
small kitchen

Hello foodies and everyone else. The Dude of Food has become friends with some of the west sides best rolling mexican fleet. The owners actually have a market where the produce comes from and where the tamales are hand made. Whether you are having a tailgate party, gallery opening, second meal or need food for a late night club event, we can provide awesome options for you to satisfy your guests desires. We are now looking for routes so if you need breakfast, snacks or meals, punch in with the Dude and let’s eat and be happy together.   (note: there is a larger, state of the art truck also available but not pictured)


These are easy and delicious. Crack open your favorite mexican beer. Put the other 11

somewhere cold. At the cabin I stick them right in the snow outside the front door.

Next grate some cheese,  chop onions, lettuce, tomato and avacado and put the piles into

separate small bowls.  Pan fry some red snapper, halibut or shrimp in light oil. Bake some

tortillas so they are warm and soft, but be mindful not to dry them out. I like them warm but not too steamy.

Once all the ingredients are layed out, create a conga line along the taco prep area and enjoy. You can

add salsa and a squeeze of lime per taste if so desired.


Fish Tacos.
Fish Tacos.