The Dude of Food shares Micheladas

     The first photo shows how they serve Micheladas in the streets of San Miguel de Allende.

A liter styrofoam cup filled with all the fixings of a great refreshing drink for 50 pesos.

They have this stick in them that has some red picante stuff stuck to it that you use to mix your drink.

The second photo shows the ingredients.

For best results use fresh limes and skip the bottled lime juice.

I use Red Rooster or Pete’s hot sauce and not put too much ice.


Sushi night at your house.

sushi party

$150. Sushi party.
$150. Sushi party.

$150. is not out of the question to spend at the sushi bar including drinks.

Well here I spent $150. and had a party.

It served 2 couples.

We had various salads, sushi, sake, plum wine, aloe water, miso soup and good times.

Let me, the Dude of Food, show you how with my upcoming, Dude of Food cookbook.

Spicy Tuna Tofushi

The Dude of Foods own creation, Spicy Tuna Tofushi.
The Dude of Foods own creation, Spicy Tuna Tofushi.

This is an awesome Dude of Food creation.

Take some tuna and spicy it up. The scoop

some tofu cubes out and fill them with spicy

tuna goodness. Then wrap the base of the tofu

cube with seaweed and serve.

The cubes here are shown with the tuna mixed with rice, but i found this is

not needed.