Seafood Guide and Watch.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium puts out a sustainable seafood watch guide booklet. It recommends to avoid the following due to overfishing or harmful conditions-

Cod Pacific (imported)
Cobia (imported farm raised)
Crab King (imported)
Lobster (Brazilian)
Mahi Mahi (imported longline)
Pacific Snapper/Rockfish (trawled)
Shrimp (imported)
Tilapia (Asian farm raised)
Tuna (skipjack, tongol, canned)

It goes on to say minimize the following consumption due to mercury levels-

California Halibut
Caviar Sturgeon (wild imported)
Chilean Seabass
Dogfish (US)
Marlin (striped pacific blue)
Orange Roughy
Salmon (farm raised including Atlantic)
Swordfish (US & imported)
Tuna (albacore, bigeye, bluefin, yellowfin)

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Marinated Fish for Grilling


Halibut, Chilean sea bass, tilapia or

shrimp work well. In this photo you see

thick fresh halibut fillets, fresh sea bass,

and tilapia fillets all after having been

soaked overnight in a delicious marinade

I found at a local market in Santa Monica.

It is an island blend sauce and I highly recommend it. I then topped the mix with a pineapple ring, covered and let sit in the fridge. The

ingredients pictured in the pan were thrown on a grill for a few minutes at a local architectural firm for lunch, served with potato salad, grilled

shrimp, grilled salmon with a rosemary lemon sauce and a side of mixed fruit chutney and it was simply awesome tasting.

Healthy dieters breakfast


Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.
Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.

This breakfast is easy and delicious. It may

not cure a hangover, but it tastes way

better than menudo. Take some of last

nights leftover salmon and reheat it in a

pan. Take some broccoli chunks and lightly

steam them. Asparagus is easy

to steam too.

Whip a couple eggs in a bowl with

a touch of milk and scramble in a

separate pan. Cut some fresh oranges and arrange.

Serve with an english muffin, coffee or another cold beer.

Note:  a side of last nights rice can accompany this dish nicely also.