The Dude of Food discovers California’s Best Sushi

If you love sushi then all you need to know is the above web address. This will lead you to a place called Hana Japanese Restaurant and the Best Sushi in California!! I have never heard of black throated mackerel and normally don’t like mackerel unless it’s aji, but this black throated mackerel is great. The blue fin tuna belly was so good I had seconds. Same with the black throated mackerel.

The special thing in a spoon was really good. It was all good. The bill was $100. for lunch and the Dude of Food could have easily gone bigger but it was awesome tasting and well worth the splurge.

If you are ever near Santa Rosa or in Rohnert Park, CA, go to this place and see for yourself what quality sushi is supposed to be like.


Sushi night at your house.

sushi party

$150. Sushi party.
$150. Sushi party.

$150. is not out of the question to spend at the sushi bar including drinks.

Well here I spent $150. and had a party.

It served 2 couples.

We had various salads, sushi, sake, plum wine, aloe water, miso soup and good times.

Let me, the Dude of Food, show you how with my upcoming, Dude of Food cookbook.