Buddhist Delight Stir Fry

stir fry Easy. Quick. Delicious.

Take the bok choy, grape tomatoes, broccoli, green or white onion and other desired veggies from the fridge, wash and dice to desired size. I like the bok choy whole so I don’t bother chopping it or the tomatoes, but please  yourself.

Put some olive oil in a pan with some soy or teriyaki sauce over medium heat.

Add veggies and cover, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking and promote even heating. Cook for 10- 15 minutes depending on heat level.

When it looks ready to eat, scoop a heap on a plate over some warm rice and serve. For a lovely extra flavor, stir in drained pineapple chunks to the pan about 5 minutes before removing from heat.

Sit. Eat. Enjoy. Be happy.

Plantain Dessert

Rum plantain glazed dessert.
Rum plantain glazed dessert.

Yum, I visualized this and made it happen.

Scoop out a pineapple and fill it half with

vanilla ice cream.

Install pineapple chunks, berries, melon and put in freezer.

Pan fry some molasses, smokey rum and touch of pineapple

juice with some plantains. When the

plantains look like they are getting soft,

pull the pineapple from the freezer. In a

couple minutes, when the plantains are fully done, pour the mix over

the top of the fruit and ice cream stuffed pineapple and get ready

to watch some TV.