Oysters in Fontainebleau

After walking around the Chateau Fontainebleau I realized I had worked up a hunger and as I walked down an alley I saw this cool old fish stand. I bought 2 oysters. 1 was an expensive one and the other was a not quite as expensive one.

Oysters provide our bodies with protein, iron, omega 3 acids, calcium, zinc, vitamin C and contain no cholesterol.

They guy at the counter shucked them for me so all I had to do was open, squeeze lemons and eat.  

Bon Appetite.oysters

Seafood Guide and Watch.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium puts out a sustainable seafood watch guide booklet. It recommends to avoid the following due to overfishing or harmful conditions-

Cod Pacific (imported)
Cobia (imported farm raised)
Crab King (imported)
Lobster (Brazilian)
Mahi Mahi (imported longline)
Pacific Snapper/Rockfish (trawled)
Shrimp (imported)
Tilapia (Asian farm raised)
Tuna (skipjack, tongol, canned)

It goes on to say minimize the following consumption due to mercury levels-

California Halibut
Caviar Sturgeon (wild imported)
Chilean Seabass
Dogfish (US)
Marlin (striped pacific blue)
Orange Roughy
Salmon (farm raised including Atlantic)
Swordfish (US & imported)
Tuna (albacore, bigeye, bluefin, yellowfin)

Visit www.edf.org/seafoodhealth or www.seafoodwatch.org
for more information.


These are easy and delicious. Crack open your favorite mexican beer. Put the other 11

somewhere cold. At the cabin I stick them right in the snow outside the front door.

Next grate some cheese,  chop onions, lettuce, tomato and avacado and put the piles into

separate small bowls.  Pan fry some red snapper, halibut or shrimp in light oil. Bake some

tortillas so they are warm and soft, but be mindful not to dry them out. I like them warm but not too steamy.

Once all the ingredients are layed out, create a conga line along the taco prep area and enjoy. You can

add salsa and a squeeze of lime per taste if so desired.


Fish Tacos.
Fish Tacos.