Donostia / San Sebastian extraordinaire – Bar Desy

desy 5When in Donostia / San Sebastian you will find many options of restaurants, but not many small ones that match Bar Desy. You can start your day there with a coffee and tapas or end your day there with a drink and tapas. Bar Desy is a father and son operation and is one great place to eat and meet locals. Bar Desy offers a well rounded variety of tapas both hot and cold from various fish items to meatballs.
desy 4

The cod cheeks were pretty good and would make a great sandwich. Actually everything was really good but the fresh cod fillets, cod cheeks, squid with lemon, white wine and fresh bread were my favorite things besides the generous hospitality.

bar desy desy 2These guys take great care of their customers. Located at Ronda 4, a couple blocks back from the surf beach and a couple blocks over from the river. Bar Desy is a great place to get to know the tapas deal. The staff is great as is the food.
desy6desy3Thank you Bar Desy. 

Bar Desy can be found on Facebook or by clicking on the photo or links.

The Dude of Food explores Prop 65 warning labels and coffee.

Many people have created myths and formed opinions about Starbucks for posting the state regulated Prop 65 warning label. While exploring this topic the local Dogtown coffee barista told the Dude of Food ‘our coffee isn’t like Starbucks cancer coffee because our coffee is organic’, not realizing the warning comes from the roasting not the beans origin.

The following information may help shed some light on the subject of Prop 65 warning labels at coffee stores.

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A little research shows that it is not Starbucks fault. It may be possible Starbucks could alter their process and possibly avoid the warning altogether, but that would cost money, and is a different story.

The warning is prompted and occurs due to the following research.

Acrylamide is on the Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity (such as birth defects and other reproductive harm).

For many years, acrylamide has been used in grouts and cements, pulp and paper production, ore processing, permanent-press fabrics, and dye manufacture. It is also used to produce polyacrylamide, which is used in water and wastewater treatment, soil conditioning and oil drilling. Acrylamide also is present in tobacco smoke. 

In 2002, Swedish researchers discovered that acrylamide forms during the baking, frying, or roasting of certain kinds of foods, particularly starchy foods.  

Acrylamide is not added to foods.  It is a contaminant that forms during the baking, frying or roasting of certain plant-based foods.  Boiling and steaming foods does not create acrylamide. 

French fries, potato chips, other fried and baked snack foods, roasted asparagus, canned sweet potatoes and pumpkin, canned black olives, roasted nuts, coffee, roasted grain-based coffee substitutes, prune juice, breakfast cereals, crackers, cookies, bread crusts, and toast all contain varying levels of acrylamide.


The Dude of Food likes Leberkasse und kaffe

A good way to start a leisurely saturday is with a leberkasse from the downtown LA Grand Central food court.

They need to do something about the parking though. The street is $4.00 an hour and the lot across the street is $5.00 flat. Can’t imagine what it’s like on weekday but it must be madness. Probably not best suited for folks who are on a budget or quick lunch break unless you can walk from your office.

german leberkasse
german palce
german suasages

the Dude of Food Morning Coffee Mantra


  The scent of the brew wafts through the house and wraps itself into the cool dark morning air.

 My senses tingle when the aroma arrives at my nostrils and the pulse of excitement runs through my body reminding me of another beautiful day that is about to begin.

I hear the final pumps of water as the machine gasps and sighs and steam seeps out the seam at the top.

 As I turn the corner towards the kitchen the green power light on the machines front penetrates the night as strongly as the scent of the brew itself.  I see it’s green glow in the form of a dot at the base of the source of the scent, resonating small and bright in the distance.

 The chosen mug stands by attentively waiting to fulfill its duty as holder of the vital morning fluid.  The organic milk with an expiration date way into the future stands nearby to assist in the control of the fluid.  The machine gives up its final gasp of steam as the last of the water runs through its process.  The dark, warm, effervescent brew sits idly in the glass container patiently waiting to be consumed.

 The hand that rocks my cradle pours the brown joy into the attentive mug and then proceeds to top it off with a splash of vitamin D milk.  It’s at this point that I begin to think things are going well.

  When the brew touches my lips and the heat from it rises into my face i begin to feel more alive.  Then the warm brew hits my stomach and on the way down lets my body know a beautiful new day is about to begin and it is time to get into the moment and to lead the masses.

  My opportunity to live and make the world a better place begins now.  Today is going to be another great day.

Authors note;  Without coffee my mantra sounds

Mr. Coffee is back in my kitchen!

Welcome back Mr. Coffee.
Back in July of 2013 I had to lay my Mr. Coffee to rest after many years of good service.
I was given another brand that I tried to embrace but the brewer just could not perform
like my trusted Mr. Coffee maker. The biggest thing was the new one just would not brew
the coffee or tea water hot enough.
Anyways, after a couple months of struggling I gave the new one away to my security guard
buddy who works nights and bought another Mr. Coffee. Now all is good in my kitchen.

Thanks Mr. Coffee     Welcome back

Healthy dieters breakfast


Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.
Salmon broccoli eggs and oranges.

This breakfast is easy and delicious. It may

not cure a hangover, but it tastes way

better than menudo. Take some of last

nights leftover salmon and reheat it in a

pan. Take some broccoli chunks and lightly

steam them. Asparagus is easy

to steam too.

Whip a couple eggs in a bowl with

a touch of milk and scramble in a

separate pan. Cut some fresh oranges and arrange.

Serve with an english muffin, coffee or another cold beer.

Note:  a side of last nights rice can accompany this dish nicely also.