The Dude of Food explores LA’s Wolvesmouth.

Fox in the Hen House, Wolves in the Snow. These don’t sound like titles you would see on a menu, but when dining at LA’s Wolvesmouth, you can through out all forms of conventionality. From what the Dude of Food can make of it, this is a whole new experience in dining and culture.

Nicely done Craig Thornton.

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The Dude of Food presents- Alfredo



alfredo p3


So when I craved pasta with alfredo sauce I just took a half pound of bacon and pan fried it. After draining the pan I added some onions and finely chopped garlic. Fresh broccoli was added and then the frozen peas. Later I added a jar of alfredo and a small container of another brand of alfredo sauce and some milk. Add a dash of salt, some pepper, some basil or mint or whatever you like and bring to a simmer.

Add penne noodles and enjoy.

Top with cheese as preferred.