Hawkstone Cabernet Sauvignon

 Hawkstone of Napa Valley

Barney’s Heritage Cuvee


Limited release of 5491 cases

While sipping this wine, the Dude of Food felt like he had obtained a bargain. This bottle radiates heritage. From the moment you handle the bottle time slows down a little and you begin to feel the serenity of this creation. This is no fast lane wine. This wine exudes the tranquility, longevity and educated qualities of a chateau in the countryside owned by a university scholar/author. The flavors do not jump out of the glass as a sophisticated lady would not sit with her legs open. The characteristics of this wine are more subdued. They have a sense of time and are  not in a hurry to get to the end. The delicate balance of depth in fruitiness, richness of earth tones and uniqueness of flavor are well balanced and make this an enjoyable bottle of wine at a reasonable price if you can find it.


The Dude of Food says Best Paella Ever!

La Taberna Gallega located in the marina in Barcelona, Spain is incredible. The room gets full but the vibe is energetic and upbeat. The staff is super cool and fun. If you are in the Barcelona marina area come on over. There are many places to eat in the marina but I chose this one and was completely satisfied. Best paella and sangria of my life. Take the time and go here.

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The Dude of Food likes Company 77 Fire Truck Pizza

What could be better than great homemade pizza delivered on a fire truck that has beer on tap?   This place has a good thing going.

The Dude of Food had this truck come to our christmas party last year and it was well worth it.  If you live in the southern california area then you need to experience this.

The staff is super cool. The truck is fun and has a photo booth and beer taps.  The pizza is hand crafted, refined and excellent.    This is the best food truck!

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Tortilla Heater by the Dude of Food

tortilla heaterThis is my attempt at heating tortillas without using oil and a hot pan or grill top. I put the toaster on its side and slid the tortillas in.

Full disclosure – the idea is not a complete success but did work. The better way is still the old fashioned way with fresh tortillas on a grill.

Good Los Angeles Food Trailer

trailer foodThe Dude of Food believes if you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a good food truck to cater your party then you may want to call this phone number. I believe he said his name is Noel and he said this number rings to his house. Speak slowly as his english is not perfect. I tried the tacos and menudo and was pleasantly surprised with both. The quality is good and the prices are reasonable. Win/Win situation here.

The Dude of Food is not connected to this vendor and gains nothing from this endorsement.

Refined sugar food facts.

Sugar-posion-300x300The numbers of pounds of sugar people on this planet eat is ridiculous. Be careful people. In some countries people actually eat more than 120 pounds of sugar per person in the country! Yes some is disguised in the form of high fructose corn syrup, ethanol and recycled farm food slop lending to the crazy streak in animals and then once again lending itself to the food chain for consumers.

Finding out that corn syrup is finding its way into beer is not only disgusting but disrespectful, careless, greed driven and idiotic.


Read more about sugar death sweets.  http://worldvitae.com/sweeteners/

Even cheap apple juice includes corn sweetener which is entirely not needed! Read labels and know that the manufacturers are trying to change law so the label can not tell you the truth. For now the new confusing label name is corn sugar. Read about this on the following New York Times Link. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/14/a-new-name-for-high-fructose-corn-syrup/