RAVENSWOOD California wine

Going to a party and can’t decide how much to spend and not buy some junk wine that was a waste of money and made you the indirect voice of ridicule as the tasters made their statements regarding your choice? Well there is another wine to add to the list. Reasonably priced, decent tasting. The Ravenwood line is alright.ravens wood


R.I.P. my beloved Mr. Coffee coffee maker

I have owned a Mr. Coffee coffee maker for the last 10 years and have formed images-2

somewhat of a bond with it. The basic machine got my day started right.


Every morning it patiently waits on the counter for me to

decide if I will be making coffee or not.


Well much to my dismay earlier this week my  Mr. Coffee coffee maker just

decided to quit working this week. It was easy to clean, worked quick and

efficiently and made good, hot coffee.


So this week, I have been getting to know my new, replacement coffee maker, the Toastmaster. it looks pretty

similar to the old Mr. Coffee. Same color and about the same size. Easy change.


Well now I have been using a Toastmaster and have to say that I am not

all that impressed. I know you are thinking that how can a coffee maker

be that different, but they are, and this one bugs me a little.


The new cone shaped filter change is the first change I am dealing with.

It seems the the fine folks at Toastmaster want to use cone shaped filters,

so I am adapting my old filters to work since I have so many square ones.

The second thing I immediately noticed was when I poured the coffee out, the fluid hits the lips of the pitcher

and gets diverted onto the countertop. This I fixed by taking the top off and cutting it back on my band saw.

The next thing I noticed was that the heating element is not as hearty as the Mr. Coffee coffee maker and now

my cups of morning java are not quite hot enough after I add a little milk.


Personally, the Dude of Food would like to buy another Mr. Coffee coffee maker and return to quality.




Bodega ELENA de Mendoza 2010 Red Blend

This family of fine wine is named after the matriarch who came from Italy, Elena Napoli.

peter pearce photo
peter pearce photo


Bodega ELENA de Mendoza    Argentina

2010    RED BLEND

62% Malbec    21% Syrah     17% Bonarda


This family has developed some of my top wines from Argentina. The Malbec and

the Red Blend from Bodega Elena de Mendoza are my favorites.


According to wikipedia, the “legs” or  “tears” of wine that run down the inside of

the wine glass are a sign of low alcohol. The heavier the legs, the lower the alcoholic

content of the wine. If this is in fact true, then these wines are low in alcohol and big

in flavor.


This Red Blend, like it’s sister Malbec, are loaded with solid flavors. Not too sweet.

Not too dry, but just right. These wines will slowly undress for your tongue,

landing softly, pleasure your taste buds and leave you wanting another sip.


Priced under $10.

MALBEC Review – Espuela del Gaucho Reserve 2012

peter pearce photo
peter pearce photo

This tasty limited edition Malbec was also grown and bottled in the  Mendoza region of Argentina.

Imported by WX Imports, Novato, CA



Another fine Malbec that is now on my Top 5 Malbec list. Not as good as my favorite, Bodega de

ELENA, but gets close. This wine is a 2012, so maybe it needs a year, but still was a very good selection.

The Espuela del Gaucho has unique, slow running, heavy legs. It carries a lighter body, landing gently

on the tongue, joyfully leaving hints of mixed berries grown in the fresh Andes air and then drifts away.


Another quality Malbec, that any California cab or merlot drinker would enjoy for under $12.