Las Rocas de San Alejandro 2009

This product of Spain is a tasty red table wine.  la-roca-bottle_lar_garnachacalatayud_750_09_thumb

Las Rocas USA in Hayward, CA.


This is a lighter wine than the Malbec’s and Cabernet’s.

The wine has thin streaky legs. The taste immediately

reveals sweet berries and then lightly tapers with a fume

of apricot and pear. Not heavy. Not too sweet.

Great for day sipping, happy hour or with meals.  This

wine would go well with a meat, cheese and olive platter

as well as your favorite steak salad.

If you pay more than 10. it’s not a good deal. It is not the

average bottle, so be a unique wine buyer and try this.



Malbec – Bodega ELENA de Mendoza 2011

Bodega ELENA de Mendoza 2011IMG_2930

Vinted and bottled by B.E.D.M. Wines

Imported by Wine Brokers Unlimited, Hayward, CA

Product of Argentina

This is the Dudes favorite Malbec yet tasted! This is the first of the bottles

that I have opened that came with a real cork. Good 1st impression. Upon

tasting this wine, I was immediately aware that the taste game had changed.

The bar had been raised. This was serious wine.

The full bodied wine smoothly drifts over your taste buds, dangling flavors of

blackberries and plums, leaving a rejoicing smile and desire for more.

There was no crazy tinny aftertaste. This was immediately my new favorite Malbec.

If it is a dollar more than the other Malbec’s in this price range, pay it!

Get this Malbec!

(side note)  April 2013 issue of Bon Appetite magazine includes McCormick

gourmet selection recommending this wine also.