Champion Breakfast Sandwich

good startRoast Beef with Tomato, Egg and Cheese

Toast some bread in the toaster. While it’s toasting heat up a pan for some sliced roast beef. When the toast pops, spread mayo on the bread and add some sliced cheese on one side and some sliced tomato on the other. When the pan gets warmed up, put some sliced roast beef in it and heat it for a minute then flip it and heat the other side for a minute. When the roast beef is warmed up stack it on top of the cheese that’s on the bread. Then while the pan is still hot cook a scrambled egg in it and put the egg on the sandwich too. It is delicious, easy to make and gives you a great start to the day.

Food freshness

Before your cabinets and fridge become mold incubators, take a minute to check things out.

The pantry             The  fridge                    The freezer

Dried black beans-1 year                             Open salsa- 1 month                                              Frozen broccoli- 9 months

Opened almonds- 1 month                          Open mayo-a month after the jar date                  Beef- 8 months

Open peanut butter- 3 months                    Meats- 3 to 5 days                                                 Fresh shrimp- 9 months

Unopened Mayonnaise- 1 year                    Open Italian dressing- 8 months                            Salmon-10 weeks

Open tortilla chips- 1 week                          Raw eggs in shell- 1 month                                    Homemade chili- 8 months

Milk- smell it or give it the coffee test           Strawberries- 10 months

Some hints to preserve your foods longevity.

1. Use tupperware or sealable bags to preserve your products, including bread and chips.

2. Keep your fridge chilly but not too cold. The lower temp will help keep food fresher by a couple days,

plus who doesn’t love cold milk!

3. Do not overload the fridge with too much junk. An overstuffed fridge doesn’t function as well.

4. Use your nose and eyes. If food looks OK and doesn’t smell or have a weird sheen to it, it is most likely good.

5. If it smells odd, looks a bit off, is slimy, or seems like it would not be good, it probably isn’t. Error on the side

of caution and throw it away.

The Dude vs. Big Juan

The Dude and his Big JuanBig Bear Lake is the home of a mexican hacienda called the Sonora Cantina. Here is what the menu says about their Big Juan.

“Big Juan Burrito” $13.50
Not for the faint of heart. Probably the biggest burrito in the world … and if you can finish it in 45 minutes or less you become an instant celebrity and win a T-shirt proclaiming your victory over “Big Juan”.

The “Big Juan” contains 4 meats, cheese, beans, lettuce, rice, sliced olives, green onions & tomatoes. Bon Appetite, Gringo!”

I finished mine as a snack later that night.