Fried catfish sticks

catfish sticks Homemade fried catfish sticks are easy to make and fun to eat. If you are looking for an alternative to pizza, pasta or hoagies then give this a try.

Take 1 lb of catfish and wash it off.
Chop it into preferrred sized bits.
Mix 2 eggs into a bowl.
Pour some bread crumbs onto a plate.
Dip the cut fish bits in the eggs and then
onto the bread crumb plate.
Once all the bits are crumbed up then
deposit them into an electric frying pan that is dialed up to 340 degrees.
There only needs to be enough oil to sit the fish in. The sticks do not need to be submerged as you can flip them over. Let cook for about 5 minutes each side or until they look as crispy as you like them. Remove from oil and pat dry. Put the sticks on a plate, sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice and serve with a side of tartar and your favorite cold beer.